Since I was a young boy, I have been asked "How do you come up with these kinds of questions?". The answer was always simple; I love conversation! Not superficial, but deep, fulfilling and fun conversation. Talking about that which gets one to think, share and laugh.


Humans are programmed to hold long and meaningful conversations to bond trust, and our brains reward us for it by making us feel happy and fulfilled. In more recent times, it has become clearer that we are losing contact with that which makes us feel human. Even though communication is easier today than ever before, we are becoming less able to talk to one another on a deep level. This is why I wanted to create ConvoCards. A deck of playing cards with original conversation starters that are true to their cause. After a year of development with the help of my friends and family, ConvoCards are now available to those who share my passion for conversation.. and card games.


ConvoCards is a deck of playing cards with a conversation-starting question on each card. The four suits (diamonds, clubs, hearts and spades) have their own categories. The conversation starters are developed based on topics and question styles that are scientifically proven to connect you to another person, and even increase your chance of another date. The questions have proved successful for people between the ages of early twenties and early sixties. Due to some of the mature content, however, we can not recommend ConvoCards for those under the age of 16. The cards are bridge sized and quality printed with 270gsm. The deck is supplied packaged in a quality cardboard tuckbox.  

Creator of convocards
Lars Alexander

Creator of ConvoCards, and connoisseur of

card games and conversation. 

The convocards gang
Kristine, Eyvind, Julie and Simen

Meet the gang.

Four fantastic friends who have truly shown that no one can make a great product on their own.