Players: 3-8

Goal: Hold the best poker hand or out-bet your opponents to win


  • Each player is dealt six cards. The rest of the cards is placed, faced down, in the middle of the table (stockpile).

  • In the first round, each player selects three unwanted cards and passes them face down to the player on their left. No player is allowed to see the new cards until everyone has passed.

  • The second round is the same as the first, only with two cards. Then a third round with only one card passed.

  • A round of betting comes after the cards have been dealt, and again after each round of passing.

  • Players now have six cards in their hand, from which the best 5-card poker hand win.

  • Whenever a player folds (stops the betting and is out of the game round), the dealer will ask that player the question on the card on top of the stockpile. Even though the dealer asks the question, everyone is allowed to see the card.