Players: 3-6

Goal: Get rid of all your cards first to win



  • Starting to the dealers left, deal one card at a time until all cards have been dealt. Players can look at their own hand, but not show their cards to the other players.

  • In the first session only, the person with ♦3 begins the play. The beginning player can lay a single card, a pair of cards of the same value, three cards of the same value (triple), or four cards of the same value. Lay the card(s) face up in the middle of the table, this becomes 'the pile'.

  • The next player may only lay a card or cards of the same or higher value than the previous card(s).

  • If the first card played is a single card, the players can for that round only play single cards. If a pair is played, the players may only lay down pairs for that round. If triple is played, the players may only play triple cards for that round.

  • If a player is unable to play a card, or decides not to play, that player says "pass", and is then out for the remainder of the round.

  • You can win a round by one of the following three circumstances:

  1. Everyone else have said pass.

  2. Whenever you play the fourth of a card of a value (for instance the fourth of single 5, or a pair of 7 on top of another pair of 7, or four 8's at once). All four cards must have been played that particular round.

  3. When you play ♣3 (known as the "God card"). This card may on its own be laid on any single, pair or triple.

  • When a round is won, lay the pile to the side, face down, and begin a new round. The player that won the round begins in the new round.

  • When the fourth card of a value is played and that wins the round (win-circumstance 2), another player must answer the question on the fourth card. The round-winning player will decide who must answer the question. If win-circumstance 2 was accomplished with two or four cards of the same value at once, the player may choose which one of the questions to be asked.

  • Continue to play rounds until all but one player is without cards. The first player without cards wins the game, and gains the title of "President". The last player left with cards loses the game, and gains the title of "Bum".

  • The bum may ask one of the questions on the cards still left in his/her hand to the president.

  • If you play the God card as your last card when there is two or more players still in the game, then you lose the game and become the bum.

  • If the game is played multiple times, each game is referred to as a session. Before the session is begun, the bum gives its two highest-value cards to the president. The president gives its two least desired cards to the bum. The bum begins the session (♦3 has no longer an extra function).

  • The value of the cards from lowest to highest value is: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A, 2

Special position rules:



  • Can force any player to drink at any time for any reason

Normal People:

  • Can force each other and the Bum to drink


  • Must refill anyone's drink that needs one

  • Must deal the cards & clear the piles when a hand is over

Drinking Rules - Drink whenever the following happens:

  • When you pass

  • When you get skipped

  • When a 2 is played

  • Whenever someone ranking above you tells you to drink

  • Whenever the President calls a "Board Meeting" everyone waterfalls