Players: 3-10

Goal: Rid yourself of your cards first to win


  • The dealer initiates the game by dealing out all the cards face-down to all the players.

  • The player to the left of the dealer begins the game by playing their Aces (face-down). Then, the next player lays all 2's held. The next person thereafter lays all 3's held. This continues until a player lays all Kings held. Then, the following player begins on Aces again, and the round continues. 

  • A player may play more cards at once. For instance, a player may play all four Aces if held.

  • Whenever a person plays, the person must call out what type card they play and how many. Example: "Two 5's".

  • Players can also play other cards and lie about both type and amount. If a player does not have the type of card that is needed to play fairly, the player must play a different card and lie.

  • Whenever you suspect someone of lying, you may call out "Bullshit". The cards played are then turned face-up. If the player did lie, then the player must take in all the cards played so far. The player must also drink. If the player didn't lie, you must take in all the cards played so far, and drink.

  • There are no rules against someone waiting to play their turn and working with other players to figure out if the person that went prior was lying, but keep in mind that other players can also lie about what cards they're holding.

  • The game continues until someone gets rid of all their cards and wins. Everyone else must then finish their drinks.
  • Whenever a player is lying and called on it, the person who said "bullshit" may ask the lying player the question on the false-played card. If there are more than one false-played card, the player who called "bullshit" may choose one question among the cards.

  • Whenever a player is saying "bullshit" to a player that wasn't lying, the player who played the card may ask the question on the card played. The player may choose who has to answer the question. If the player played more than one card, the player may choose which question to ask.