Players: 3-8

Goal: Get rid of your cards to win


  • Deal the cards out evenly to all players. If there are remainders, place them face down in the centre of the table as the beginning of the 'discard pile'.

  • The game starts with the player to the left of the dealer laying down an Ace card face-down onto the discard pile, and announcing "One Ace". If the player holds two aces on hand, the player may lay down both Ace cards, and announce "Two Aces". The same goes for three or four aces.

  • If the player does not have any Aces, or wishes to get rid of more than one card, then the player may cheat and play non-Ace cards while announcing: "Two aces" or "Three aces" or "Four aces", depending on how many cards the player lays down. It is not recommended to ever say "Five aces", unless you play with more than one deck.

  • The next player plays cards of value 2, the next player thereafter plays cards of value 3, and so forth.

  • If a player doesn't believe an announcement, then the player can call out, "Cheater!" The person who played the card(s) must turn over the card(s) and show everyone whether the person cheated or not.

  • Players who are caught cheating must pick up the entire discard pile and add it to their hand.

  • If the challenged player is not cheating, then the challenger must pick up the discard pile.

  • After the players have played on the King rank, the card value to be played goes back to Ace and continues onward.

  • The first person to rid themselves of all their cards, and have passed the play to the next player without cheating or being caught cheating has won.

  • Whenever a cheating player is caught, the challenger may as ask the cheater the question on the challenged card. If the cheater laid down more than one card, the challenger may choose one question among the challenged cards.

  • If a challenger's accusation is wrong, the challenged player may ask any one player the question on the challenged card. If the challenged player played more than one card, the challenged player may choose one question from among the cards.