Circle of death.jpg

Players: 3-10

Goal: See who ends up drinking the most, and have fun!


  • The dealer spreads the playing cards face-down around a cup or bottle, creating a circle of cards.

  • All players sit around the same cup or bottle. Then, the dealer starts the game by picking a card from the circle.

  • The dealer shows the card picked and acts based on the rule connected to that card. See rules below.

  • After the action is done, the player places the card face-up on the table away from the card circle. This card begins the used-pile. Then, it is the next player's turn to pick a card.

  • The game continues until there are no more cards to pick.

  • Picking a 3-card makes you a conversation master. You can decide that a person must answer the question on the following card which that person picks. You may only do this 3 times for each 3-card.

  • Alternative ConvoRule; the question on every card must be asked by the person who picked the card. The picker decides who has to answer the question.

  • Card Rules:

Ace: When an Ace is drawn, everyone waterfalls (chugs their drink, and can't stop until the person to their right  stops chugging, starting with the person who drew the Ace).

King: Make a rule, and have the ability to undo any prior King's rules.
Queen: Ask a question to another player, who must in turn ask a different player a question. Whoever doesn't answer with a question loses, and you can't ask a question back to the person who last asked you.

Jack: Drawing a Jack makes you the Thumb Master, entitling you to put your thumb on the table at any time causing all players to race to do the same, where the last player to do so loses. You remain Thumb Master until a new Jack is drawn.

10: You state a category, and similar to the game Categories, they take turns calling out things that fit into that category (without repeating anything).

9: Say a word that everyone must take turns rhyming with, and the first person to fail or repeat a word drinks

8 & Below: If the color is red, the player that drew the card drinks that number of drinks. Otherwise, they give them out to other players.

  • Special Rules:

- Don't break the circle of cards - if you do, you have to finish your beverage

- Social - When all cards of a certain number or suit are drawn, everyone takes a drink

- 4th King - whoever draws the last King drinks the middle cup

- 7 / 8 Optional Rules - if an 8 is drawn, men drink; or if a 7 is drawn, Women drink.