Players: 2-10

Goal: Obtain the most pairs to win


  • Make sure the deck is well shuffled before laying out the cards, face down, in four rows of 13 cards.

  • Each player takes turns flipping two cards face up. If they are of the same number and colour (e.g., 9♠ and 9♣, or Q♥ and Q♦), then that player wins the pair and gets another turn.

  • If the cards are not of the same number and colour, they are turned back face down and it becomes the next player's turn to pick two cards.

  • Whenever a player fails at collecting a pair, that player gets to ask one of the other players the question on one of the two cards that was last turned face up.

  • The game continues until the players have picked up all the pairs. The winner is the player with the most pairs.