Thirsty? Here are the card drinking games you're looking for.

Are you playing these games with Drunk Talk? Try the Drunk Talk Suit Rules:

 Hearts - After answering a question from this suit, pick someone to take a shot or give you a kiss.

Clubs - Everyone who has done the thing asked in the question on these cards have to drink.

Diamond - For these cards, answering a question means doing the dare.

Spades - If a person answers unsatisfactory, you can challenge and say what that person would have said if answered more truthfully. If the others agree, that person must drink.

Happy gaming!


Suitable for 3-6 players

Also known as Drunken President. If you love President, you will love this one, especially if you enjoy being an asshole to your friends. Click here for rules


Suitable for 3-10 players

Are you able to tell when people are lying, or good  at lying yourself? Then, you have a good advantage in this game. Be the first to get rid of all your cards to win. Click here for rules

Circle of Death

Suitable for 3-10 players

Similar to Kings, this turn-based game ends with no losers, just with a group of people that have had a lot of fun and a lot to drink. Click here for rules


Suitable for 4-12 players

A game you'll quickly learn that you can be really unfortunate, but if you're thirsty then maybe that's a good thing. Still, try not to be connected to your friends in this game. Click here for rules

Fuck the Dealer

Suitable for 3-9 players

A classic drinking game fun for both players and dealers. Try to guess the value of the card to avoid becomming the dealer, and to avoid having to answer the question on the card. Click here for rules

Give and Take

Suitable for 4-10 players

A game of truth and dare, and luck. If you don't dare to do the dare or tell the truth, just drink. This game is perfect for testing out your Drunk Talk deck for the first time. Click here for rules

Horse Race

Suitable for 4-16 players

Bet on one of the four horses, and see how it goes. This game has a tendency to be calm in the beginning, and very exciting in the end. You drink if you win. You drink more if you lose, or do you dare? Click here for rules


Suitable for 3-10 players

Perhaps the most popular card drinking game in the world. What you have to do is entirely up to the card that you picked at random. Try the game with the different ConvoRules. Click here for rules


Suitable for 2-10 players

Also known as the Bus driver, this traditional card drinking game is a lot of fun. Just beware, because having to explore the pyramid may ruin your evening. Or make it great, who knows? Click here for rules