Players: 2-6

Goal: Obtain all the cards to win


  • Deal all cards evenly to all players. If there are any cards left, place them in the middle face-up (pile).

  • The players may never look at their cards but should lay them face-down in front of themselves.

  • Starting with the player to the left of the dealer, each player pulls the card from the top of their stack, and lays it face-up on the pile.

  • Whenever a player lays a face card (J, Q, K and A) on the pile, the next player must lay another face card on top of it. The number of tries that player gets to play a face card depends on the face card played.

For J, one attempt - For Q, two attempts - For K, three attempts - For A, four attempts.

  • If the player can play another face card, the problem of playing a face card moves to the next player.

  • If a player cannot play a face card, the player who put down the last face card wins the stack. For instance, if a player lays down a King, and the next player plays three cards without laying another face card, then the player who played the King wins the pile.

  • The winner shuffles his cards and lays them face-down. Then, the winner begins the next round by laying the card on the top of his stack in the middle of the table (new pile).

  • A questions-and-answers session starts whenever two cards of the same number are laid on top of each other in the pile. The two players must ask any other player the question on the card they played. Example: A player lays a 7 on the pile. Then, the next player lays a 7 on the pile. The first player who laid down a 7 asks one player the question on the first 7-card. The second player asks one player the question on the second 7-card. After the session ends, the two cards go back in the pile, and the game continues as normal.