Players: 4-12

Goal: Don't be connected


  • All players are to form a circle, seated around a table. The dealer begins the game by dealing out one card to all players, in no particular order.

  • The last player to receive a card must look to the player on both the left and right side. If the player makes a connection with one (or both of the players) the connected player(s) must look to the player next to them to see if they also make a connection.

  • The connection process continues until the connection is completed when the circuit has no connection on either side, or when the entire circle is connected.

  • The requirements for two players to make connection are  as followed:

- Matching Suits (Heart, Diamond, Club, Spade)

- Matching Number (2-10)

- Matching Card (Jack, Queen, King, Ace)

  • When the connection is completed, the current flows. Every player in the connection must then take drinks equal to the value of their card. For example, take two drinks if you have a 2-card, 12 for Queen. Ace is 14.

  • The player that was dealt the last card becomes the dealer in the next round.

  • The player that was the last to receive a card may ask the question on the card to one of the ends of the connection. However, if the entire circle is connected, the player must self answer the question.