Players: 4 (2 teams of 2)

Goal: The team that reaches 11 points first wins


  • In Euchre, for each hand, one suit is declared the trump suit. All the non-trump suits follow the traditional Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9 ranking. The rest of the cards (2-8) are not used in regular Euchre.

  • The trump cards rank like this:

  1. "Right Bower" (the Jack of the trump suit)

  2. "Left Bower" (the other Jack of the same colour as the trump suit, ♥/♦ or ♠/♣)

  3. Ace

  4. King

  5. Queen

  6. 10

  7. 9

  • The players are seated such that the teammates face each other with their opponents between them on both sides.

  • The dealer deals five cards to each player. After which, the dealer takes the next card in the deck and lays it face-up on the table.

  • After the cards are dealt, the players determine which suit will be the trump suit for the current hand. Starting with the player to the left of the dealer, each player has the option to "declare trump" by telling the dealer to pick up the face-up card. The dealer may also pick up the face-up card when/if the turn comes. If the face-up card is used to declare trump, the suit of the card becomes the trump suit.

  • The team that declares trump must capture at least three of the five tricks to win the hand. The dealer places the face-up card in his hand and discards one.

  • If all players pass on their initial option to declare trump, the dealer turns the face-up card face down. Each player then has a second option of declaring any other suit as the trump suit. In which case, the dealer picks up no cards.

  • "Going alone" is an available option during the bidding process. A player with a strong hand may choose to play alone against the opposing team. This must then be announced when the bid was declared.

  • Once a team has declared trump, the player to the left of the dealer plays the first card. Each player, in turn, plays a card, and the team that plays the highest single card of the four wins the 'trick'. Players must follow the suit that is leading. (For instance, if a player leads a heart, and you only have one heart, you must play that card.) The winner of the trick then leads the next card.

  • The game continues until all five hands have been played.

  • The team that reaches 11 points first wins. Points are rewarded for the following achievements:

  1. Bidding team wins three or four of the five tricks = 1 point

  2. Bidding team wins all five tricks = 2 points

  3. Defending team wins three or more tricks = 2 points

  4. Defending team wins all five tricks = 4 points

  5. Bidder goes alone and wins all five tricks = 4 points

  6. Bidder goes alone and wins three or four tricks = 2 points

  • The cards 2-8 are placed in a pile face-down. This pile becomes the 'question pile'.

  • When the bidding team wins a trick, the team may pick the card from the top of the question pile and ask one of the players in the other team the question on the card.

  • When the defending team wins a trick, the team can ask one person in the bidding team the question on one of the cards played during that trick.