Give and take.jpg

Players: 3-10

Goal: Do what you have to if you have matching cards


  • Players are seated around a table, where one of the players is the dealer. The dealer first deals out four cards fae-up to all players. The dealer then makes two rows of six cards, face-down.

  • The left row of face-down cards represent "Truth", while the right row represent "Dare". Also, each card from one to six in the rows increments the length of time you'd have to drink for if you choose the drink-your-beer alternative (2, 4, 6, 8 ,10 seconds, ending at a full beer chug).

  • The game is played by flipping a single card from either the Truth or the Dare row, flipping in an alternating fashion. After each flip, any player that has the same card has to either answer the truth or perform the dare, depending on which row the card belongs to. Or, the player can decide to drink for the number of seconds representing the card's place in the row.

  • The same card in this game means same value of card. So, for instance, if one of your four cards is a 5, and the third card flipped in the Truth-row is a 5, then you either have to tell the truth or drink for six seconds.

  • The player(s) with the most un-matched cards may ask the question from one of the un-matched cards. The dealer must answer the question.

  • When playing with Drunk Talk, use cards from the Diamond suit to make the Dare-row, and use cards from the other suits to make the Truth-row. Disregard the other ConvoRule if this rule is applied.