Players: 3-4

Goal: Have the least points to win


  • If four people are playing, deal 13 cards to each player. For three players, remove the 2♣ and deal 17 cards to each player.

  • The players assess their own cards, and then they pass three of the cards to the player to their left.

  • Starting with the player to the left of the dealer, each player plays one card. The suit of the first card leads, and the players must then follow the leading suit.

  • Only if a player has no cards of the leading suit may the player may rid themselves of whatever card they choose. The person who plays the highest card of the lead suit takes the trick.

  • When a player takes a trick, the player may ask one of the questions within that trick to the player to their right or to the player with the least points.

  • The game is called Hearts because of the suit's importance to determining the winner. Each hearts card taken in a trick is worth a point. The goal is to end up with as few points as possible.

  • The only non-hearts card that is worth points is the Queen of Spades. To take this card in a trick awards you 13 points. Truly heartbreaking..

  • During a play, a heart can only be leading if the hearts have been "broken," which occurs when a hearts card is played in a trick where another suit is leading.

  • After each hand, note down the number of points acquired by each player.

  • If a player has reached or surpassed 100 points after a hand is completed, then the game is over. The player with the fewest points is then the winner.