Horse race.jpg

Players: 4-16

Goal: Pick the winning horse to win


  • Lay out the four aces of the deck in a row (horizontal) face-up on the table. Then, lay nine cards face-down in a coloumn (vertical), next to the aces, but beginning one card height above.

  • Lay the rest of the cards face-down on the table. This becomes the stockpile.

  • Everyone, including the dealer, then bets on a horse (the suit of an Ace).

  • The dealer then starts the race by picking up the top card of the stockpile. The suit of this card make the Ace of the same suit move one card up on the coloumn. Everyone who has bet on this horsee must take a drink.

  • Once the players have taken their drink and the horse is moved one step up,  the dealer picks the next card from the stockpile, and the process repeats.

  • The game continues like this until the first horse has surpassed the ninth card on the coloumn. Thereby winning the race.

  • When a horse has won the race, the coloumn place of the other horses represents the number of drinks the they have to drink. For instance, if the Hearts suit horse is on the 7th coloumn place when another suit passed the finish line, those who bet on Hearts have to take seven drinks.

  • After the players have finished their drinks, turn the face-down coloumn cards face-up. If the suit of the coloumn card where the horse is matches the suit of the horse, the players have to drink the same amount again. For instance, if the Hearts suit lost at the 7th coloumn spot and that coloumn card is also Hearts, the players that bet on the Hearts suit must drink another seven drinks.

  • When playing with Drunk Talk, use cards from the Diamond suit to make the card coloumn. The players with losing horses with suit or number that match their coloumn spot suit must do the dare.