Players: 3-13

Goal: Outbid your opponents or outfox them to win


  • Each player is dealt one card, at which the players are not allowed to look.

  • Once the cards are dealt, the players bring their cards to their foreheads, face out. All the players can see one another's cards, but not their own.

  • Bets are made based on the players' confidence. The weaker another player's card is, the stronger yours might be in comparison.

  • The player with the highest card that does not fold is the winner and receives the betting pot.

  • When a player wins the round, the victorious player may ask the question on the card belonging to the player that didn't fold. Only the owner of the card shall answer the question. If there are more than one player that didn't fold, the victorious player may choose one question among the cards belonging to those who didn't fold, and may also choose who must answer the question.

  • For Drunk Talk only: Play the game using only the dares from the Diamond suit. The same ConvoRules apply, but instead of asking questions, you are demanding the dares.

  • The game can also be modified to your desire. Play for instance the game using two cards instead of one. Or make it into a 2-5 card poker game. Another alternative is to agree that the low value cards are the high-ranking ones.