Players: 3-13

Goal: Gather four of a kind or be quick with your thumb not to become a pig


  • Deal four cards to every player. The rest of the cards are placed face-down on the table. This becomes the stockpile.

  • The players try to gather four of a kind. For instance, four 5's.

  • The dealer starts the game by drawing the topmost card from the stockpile. The dealer then holds five cards.

  • The dealer discards on card, and passes it face-down to the player to the left. Then, that player discards a card, and passes it face-down to the next player. It continues this way until the last player has received a discarded card.

  • The last player to be passed a card places their discard card face-down on the table. This becomes the discard pile.

  • The dealer then draws another card from the stockpile, and the circle repeats.

  • Once a player has four of a kind, the player places their thumb on the table in a subtle manner.

  • When a player recognizes that another player has their thumb on the table, that player must follow suit. The last person to place their thumb on the table has lost the round and receives a letter.

  • A player gets the letter 'P' the first time a player loses. The second time, the player gets an 'I'. If the player loses a third round, the player gets a 'G', and becomes a pig. A pig is out of the game.

  • The game is over when all but one player is a pig.

  • Whenever a player receives a letter, the player may ask a question from one of the four or five cards in their hand. The person who had four of a kind must answer the question.