Players: 2-10

Goal: Hope you don't have to explore the pyramid



  • The dealer starts with putting up a 6-5-4-3-2-1 pyramid with cards face-down, then deals face-down cards to all participants. Deal everyone four cards if you're playing with less than 8 people. Otherwise, deal three cards.

  • Players are allowed to look at their cards for 15 seconds to memorize them. After that, they are not allowed to look at them anymore.

  • The dealer then turns face-up the first card of the pyramid in the 6-row. Anyone that remembers having a card of the same value as that card may put their card on top of it. The same player may then order others to drink the same amount as the row value.

  • The row value of the 6-row is 1 drink. The 5-row is 2 drinks. The 4-row is 4 drinks. The 3-row is 6 drinks. The 2-row is 8 drinks, and the top card is worth 10 drinks.

  • After everyone has laid their card on the first card in the pyramid, or passed, the dealer turns the next card in the 6-row. After the 6-row has been completed, the dealer starts on the 5-row, then 4-row, and so forth, until the pyramid  has been completed.

  • If a player puts down the wrong card on a card in the pyramid, that player must take back the card and also drink the value of the row in which the card lies. The player is also not allowed to put any more cards on that particular card in the pyramid.

  • Multiple players may lay a card down on the same card in the pyramid.

  • A player may lay multiple of the same card in the pyramid.

  • A player may spread the drinks from the row value to multiple players.

  • When the pyramid is completed, the player with the most cards left in their hand has to explore the pyramid.

  • To explore the pyramid, the dealer takes in all the cards, shuffles them, and makes a new pyramid. The remaining cards are placed face-down in a pile. This becomes the stockpile.

  • The explorer has to turn one card in every row of the pyramid, starting with the 6-row. If the explorer turns a "royal card" (J, Q, K, A), the explorer must drink the same amount as the value of the row where the royal card was. The dealer then replenishes all turned cards in the pyramid with cards from the stockpile, and the explorer has to start over again.

  • The exploration is completed when the explorer has gotten through all rows of the pyramid.

  • Players may no longer spread the drink value onto multiple players. Instead one player must drink the entire row value and answer the question on the card. If the player does not want to answer the question, that player must drink double the value.

  • Whenever a player puts down two or more cards on a single card in the pyramid, the dealer may request that the player has to answer the question on one of the turned cards in the pyramid. The dealer may choose which card.