Players: 2-8

Goal: Gather all the cards to win the game


  • Deal all the cards out to all the players as evenly as possible.

  • The players form a neat pile of their cards face-down. The players are not allowed to look at their cards.

  • Starting with the player to the left of the dealer, each player quickly places the top card from their stack onto the middle of the table. The cards will start to pile up there and does not need to be neatly stacked.

  • It's important that the game moves quickly from player to player. Players continue to play cards and keep a watchful eye on the middle stack. When a Jack is played, the first player to slap the card wins the entire pile.

  • Players who have no more cards left to play may try to slap their way back in. If they slap a Jack first, they collect the pile and start playing again. If a player incorrectly slaps the pile when it is not a Jack, the player must pay a penalty card, face-down, to the player who played the card.

  • The person who gathers all the cards wins the game. If the game is taking too long, one may set a time limit and count cards to determine a winner when time expires.

  • Alternative rule: To make the slapping fair, one may say that the player who laid the Jack is not allowed to slap it. That also mean one player cannot gather all cards, but use a timer instead, and count the most cards to win. Meanwhile, the other players have to keep their hands under the table or stretched above their head.

  • Whenever a player accidentally slaps an incorrect card, that person may ask the question on the card. The player who laid the card must answer the question.

  • Whenever there appears to be even a hint of debate about who slapped the Jack first, the debating players must answer the question on the card on the bottom of the Jack pile. The debating players must answer the question simultaneously, and the last person to keep talking wins the Jack pile.